Beautiful Pixie came to see where she was made

What an amazing visit we had yesterday from a lovely young mum and her beautiful 6 years old daughter who came in to see the clinic where it all started and meet the people who helped them complete their family.


Little Pixie knew from a very young age that she was made “in a very special way” and she asked her mum to see the place that helped her parents have her.


“We are very open about it, Pixie knew from a very early stage and she says to everyone about the very special way she was made”, said the mum and Pixie agreed.


While they were walking around the clinic memories started coming back and when we passed by the embryo transfer room mum looked at Pixie and said “Can you see this screen by the wall? This is where I and dad saw you for the very first time. You were a tiny little embryo and the doctor helped mummy’s put you back in my tummy”


Pixie was so excited to see and hear all about the science behind the scenes. She observed from a little window the environment where the embryologists are doing their magic and saw pictures of an embryo’s development and she even kept one of our lab guide booklets to show to her friends and family how she was made in a very special way!


Some parents are quite open about how they tell their children about how they were made but some find this more difficult.

Some parents explain the different ways that a couple can enjoy parenthood and some struggle to explain.


We believe that parents have the right to decide if they want to share, when they want to share and how they want to share their journey and we are here to support our families that might need guidance or want to take their children through their IVF journey.

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