Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) offer

Why should I have an Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test?

A diminishing ovarian reserve is a natural process that occurs as a woman gets older, but it must be remembered that fertility varies greatly in different individuals even within the same age group. We are now able to accurately test your ovarian reserve easily with a simple blood test called an AMH test, we also combine this test with an ultrasound scan to check your Antral Follicle Count.

An AMH test can benefit any younger woman who may not be considering starting a family immediately but would like to be reassured that time is on her side.

Fertility assessment can help you to make informed important life choices, such as whether you have the time to put your fertility on hold while you pursue further education or a career.  It is also advisable for women whose mothers experienced an early menopause, and for women of advancing reproductive age (over 35 years of age). It can help you to make the decision as to whether you might start a family sooner rather than later.

Anti-Mullerian Hormone AMH test

Our Female Mini Fertility Profile is a very popular package:

  • AMH
  • Ultrasound Scan with Antral Follicle Count
  • 15-minute consultation

The cost of this package is £200

You will be invited to book a 15-minute consultation to discuss the results and the next steps that you may need to take.

You do not need to be referred by your GP, hospital or fertility specialist to take advantage of our AMH testing service.

To book an appointment for your Female Mini Fertility Profile or for more female fertility information, please call 01992 78 50 60 or email your contact details to and we will be happy to contact you.


Why not read our Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) test information leaflet?