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Altruistic egg donors can receive £750.00

From  April 2012, women who donate their eggs at Herts & Essex Fertility can receive at least £750 for each donation.  This increase from £250 will no doubt lead to an increase in the number of potential altruistic donors coming forward – which was the aim of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) when they put this to public consultation.

Demand is increasing for egg donors as more and more women are leaving it later before considering trying for children.  But age is not the only factor, as some women experience an early menopause or ovarian failure.

Herts & Essex Fertility we have a very successful egg sharing program and currently we have a high demand for patients seeking free treatment in return for half of their eggs.  This program has been running since January 2008 and we can usually offer an egg donor within 3-5 months. The recipient of the eggs pays for the donor’s treatment and it has been a win/win situation that has worked very successfully for both parties.  Since 2008 we have offered donor eggs to 241 couples and delivered 124 babies.

Of course not all patients want to give away half their eggs and not all recipients want to share eggs with someone who is undergoing fertility treatment and so, naturally, there is also a demand for altruistic donors.

Britain is suffering from a shortage of egg donors and many clinics have a minimum of 1-2 years waiting list, so the increased payment will be most welcome.  Not only welcome by clinics but also by potential egg donors as it acts as compensation and recognition for what donors go through.

We welcome any enquiries relating to egg donation and recommend that you call our Egg Donation Co-ordinator for more information on 01992 78 50 65.

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