Same-sex couples

We believe strongly that a child needs a secure environment to provide the stability, warmth, understanding and unconditional love to give the child a sense of belonging, to grow into a well-rounded and positive person. This secure environment can be provided by any loving single parent or same-sex couple – whether gay, lesbian or heterosexual.

We also firmly believe that any individual committed to providing a loving, nurturing, caring and supportive environment for a child has the right to become a parent, irrespective of gender or sexuality. We are proud to help all such right-minded people to start their families, whether they are heterosexual couples, same-sex couples or single women. The Herts & Essex Fertility Centre treats all patients with exactly the same degree of professionalism and care.

There are a number of different fertility treatment options for single women, gay men and lesbian women.

At this point, it is worth highlighting that there are complex legal implications in conceiving with donor sperm, having fertility treatment wherein one parent contributes genetically as through sperm donation or egg donation – or by carrying the baby until birth. If you are unsure of your rights as a gay parent or as a single woman giving birth through IVF, please feel free to call us on 01992 78 50 60 for an informal chat. If you decide to book fertility treatment, it may be worthwhile taking expert legal advice to protect your respective rights as parents.

Same-sex couples

For over seventeen years we have helped gay men and lesbian women become parents and we’re proud to have created hundreds of happy families.

Donor Sperm

We can provide Donor Sperm from our own sperm bank or help you locate suitable sperm from other reputable sperm banks in the UK and even from overseas. We know that this is an extremely important and difficult decision to make, so we will guide you carefully through the process of choosing a sperm donor.

Egg Sharing

Many lesbian women choose to take part in our Egg Sharing scheme. This is when a patient receiving treatment with us can decide to anonymously donate half of her collected eggs to another woman, in return for fully funded IVF treatment. Because many couples require donation to help them to conceive through IVF, they are often happy to help another couple in need and, at the same time help themselves financially with their own treatment. There is a legal requirement by the HFEA that egg donors must be over 18 and under 36 years of age.

Partner Donation

One of the most popular ways in which we help lesbian women become parents is through Partner Donation: where one partner donates her eggs so that the other partner can carry the embryo. Under these circumstances, both women partners become directly involved in the creation of their child. Partner Donation can be either self-funded or as part of our Egg Share programme. You can choose a sperm donor either from our in-house sperm bank or we can import sperm from other banks.

Gay men

There are a number of ways that gay men can become fathers, usually by one partner donating his sperm to create their baby. Surrogacy treatment has become increasingly popular for gay fathers. This can involve using the surrogate’s own eggs or by using donated eggs.

Please be aware that as a regulated fertility clinic we cannot help you find a surrogate, but we can support you every step of the treatment journey. There are many legal issues to consider, and you can read more on our Surrogacy page.

We’ve also treated lesbian couples and single women who have chosen a gay friend to be their sperm donor. How active a part you as the biological father might play in the child’s upbringing is, of course, an entirely personal decision, but one that is perhaps best made after taking legal advice on your rights and the rights of your future child.

Find out more

For more information on egg donation, egg sharing or any of our fertility treatments for lesbian and gay couples, feel free to contact Sarah Robinson or Sarah Templeman on 01992 78 50 65 or 01992 78 50 67.