Need donor eggs?

Do you need treatment with donor eggs? At the Herts & Essex Fertility Centre we can offer individuals, who need donor eggs, treatment within two to three months* of application. As one of the busiest egg donation centres in the UK, we can offer you a 50% (2015) chance of achieving a clinical pregnancy.

The majority of our donors are via our egg sharing programme where you would receive half of the eggs collected from a woman who is having treatment herself and who has been assessed as having the potential to produce a good number of healthy eggs. (See diagram below).

We also treat women who bring their own donor to the clinic.


*For a Caucasian donor – other ethnic backgrounds may have a longer wait.

Please call our egg donation nurse coordinators, Sarah Templeman or Caroline Cayley, on 01992 78 50 65, to find out how you can have treatment using donor eggs.