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Aiden’s first Christmas

It might sound like an unusual way to save a newborn baby’s life, but little Aiden Mitchell will be celebrating his first Christmas this December thanks to a cold blanket.

Unlike most newborns, who need constant protection against the cold in their first few days and weeks of life, Aiden was to be wrapped in a special cooling blanket within a few hours of being born, in order to prevent potentially fatal brain damage caused by a shortage of oxygen to his brain during complications at birth.

The pioneering treatment, known as cooling therapy, is the culmination of 20 years’ worth of research, which has been funded by Action Medical Research. Specially made blankets, caps and mattresses are now being made available to doctors who deliver babies suffering from a shortage of oxygen to the brain during birth, but with over 1,200 cases of Birth Asphyxia every year in the UK alone, Action Medical Research want to give all babies like Aiden a better chance of survival.

Aiden is a Herts & Essex Fertility Centre baby, and his parents, Keith and Fleur, are now raising money to support the people who gave their son a better chance of surviving to see his first Christmas. We are extremely proud of all three of them.

Aiden has his own page on the Action Medical Research website, and you can find out more about Birth Asphyxia, and how to donate to Aiden’s Christmas Appeal, by clicking here.

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