Added security and safety through IVF Witness

The system monitors  all critical work in the laboratory using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.  It creates a complete record of each stage of a patient’s cycle. Patient’s sperm, eggs and embryos are tagged at every stage of the treatment and can be identified. The system also actively prevents patient samples coming into proximity with those of other patients. The system is designed to give everyone peace of mind and creates a safe environment.

Each patient is given a card containing an electronic tag which is identified to them.  At egg collection and embryo transfer the card is placed into the card reader when the patient is in theatre. When the patient’s card is placed in the card reader, the system automatically displays the patient details to the embryologist in the laboratory, to verify that the identity of the female matches that of the eggs and embryos.

A reader and touch screen are installed at every work area both inside and outside the laboratory where patients or patient samples are handled. We use self adhesive circular and rectangular tags which are placed on containers such as Petri dishes or test tubes. These tags enable the readers to register that there are containers in the work area and through these tags a patient’s identity is monitored at every stage of the treatment. The system records information regarding the cycle progress and operator actions.

Every time we transfer eggs, sperm or embryos from one container to the next, the witness system monitors and ensures that only one patient can be worked on at one time. Some steps of the treatment process are double witnessed by both the system and a second embryologist.  A visual and audible alarm is operated if any incompatible samples are placed into the same work area. Monitoring is constant, so an identity check can never be overlooked.

The Herts and Essex Fertility Centre ensure that safety and security of your eggs, sperms and embryos is of the the upmost importance.  Not only do we have your genetic material monitored consistantly, but we also endeavour to makes sure that you are the only patient in the incubator allocated to you – this allows us to have full control of the environment as well as the added security of being the only sample in your allocated space.

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