A single mum’s story

Herts & Essex Fertility Centre patient Kerry Morgan had her story published today in Woman’s Own magazine under the heading I didn’t need a husband to have my children.

Kerry made the brave and strong decision to become a single mum when she found herself at the end of a long-term relationship at the age of 39. An AMH blood test revealed that she had low fertility compared to other women of that age so she knew that she didn’t have any time to wait.

She came to us and we were able to help her with choosing a sperm donor and her IVF.  She fell pregnant on this first cycle and gave birth 34 weeks later to non-identical twin girls. Her happiness could never be in doubt nor is her enthusiasm for the team here who looked after her.

Her story will be an inspiration to single women and men who desperately want to start a family and who feel that time is running out for them.


‘Being a mum has fulfilled a need in me. Maybe one day I’ll meet someone to share all this with but for now I’m happy just being a single mum’.

View the Woman’s own article

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