Grace & Jake

We are so incredibly lucky to now have two beautiful children courtesy of the Herts & Essex.  As you know, it’s been an incredibly long journey with many twists and turns along the way.  Suffice to say, in our 8 year relationship with you all, you could not have been friendlier or more supportive, getting us through lots of setbacks.  The attempt this year was most definitely our last and miraculously we now have Jake, in addition to Grace who was born in 2013.  IVF is the toughest thing, and is so often reported in the press as a one or two shot attempt before it’s successful.  It takes such a lot of willpower to keep going, and our hearts go out to those couples who don’t have success.  We are now 100% finished; that hugely thick file of ours can be consigned to your archives but we do hope to get in to see you all at some point.  For those of you who were there every step of the way; David, Debbie, Angela, Joan, Soriah, Carol, Nicola, Sarah B, Lori, Gerian, Tina to name but a few, as well as everyone else – thank you so so much.

With very best wishes

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